New Day Academy

Daisy Fontanez
800 Home Street Bronx, NY 10459

New Day Academy’s mission is to provide students with a safe learning environment where all students receive an individualized, rigorous, and relevant education. New Day strives to provide students with individual support through the advisory program, small class sizes, and constant collaboration and communication among staff, students, and parents. The curriculum and teaching in all subjects aim to help students become critical thinkers, readers, writers, and problem solvers in and out of the classroom, especially by training students to use the Habits of Mind: perspective, evidence, relevance, connections, and supposition.

New Day Academy is a member of NY Performance Standards Consortium. Students are required to successfully complete Performance Based Assessment Tasks (PBATs) as part of their graduation requirements. Students learn to reflect on, revise, present and defend their work and their ideas. As a Consortium school, we only administer the ELA regents exam to students.

Students leave New Day as life-long learners and thoughtful, caring citizens. They will be prepared to succeed in their future educational or career pursuits and are prepared to make a positive difference in the lives of those around them.