World Literature

Do you want to travel abroad? have you ever read a book written by someone from Colombia, Haiti, India or Afghanistan for example? Do you want to go to any of these places? What do writers from these countries have to tell us?

In this class we will read novels and short stories written by authors from around the world particularly with an eye towards writers coming from "developing countries." Not only will we read these books but we will also see a fair share of foreign films as well We will go globe trotting, right within the confines of our class!

Students taking this course will be expected to do a lot of reading and there will be several papers assigned. Those seeking to complete a literature pre-requisite paper will have ample opportunity to do so.

Things Fall Apart
The Farming Of Bones
The Interpreter of Maladies
The Kiterunner
Of Love and Other Demons
Media Used: 
Like Water For Chocolate
City of God
The Last king Of Scotland
Significant Assignments: 

Students are expected to write two (2) typed comparative essays. These papers should be a minimum of 5 pages.

Students write a typed weekly response essay anywhere between 1 -2 pages. Students can respond either to the readings, films or other text introduced to the class.

Weekly quizzes are given.

Students find reviews of the films and write their own reviews either critiquing or supporting the positions taken by the reviewers.

Sample PBATs: 
Explore the statement "Like father like son" with an eye to comparing the meaning of these words when looking at the books - Things Fall Apart and The Kiterunner.
How important was "redemption" as a theme in these novels?