Voice and Meaning: Advanced Comparative Literature

What do we mean by "voice" when we discuss literature? How does the author's voice affect the development of character? How do writers use "voice" in establishing character?

How do other literary elements augment and illuminate text, voice and meaning?

Students will engage in Socratic seminars in their discussions of the text, putting to use their interpretive skills and citing evidence. They will also consider the relevance of the text to real life situations and whether issues of importance to particular groups also reveal something about the society as a whole.

Black Boy by Richard Wright
Florida- by Daniel Alarcon
Breakfast at Tiffany's- Capote
Ordinary People
House on Mango Street- Cisneros
Media Used: 
Film Heaven directed by Tom Tykwer
Significant Assignments: 

A series of comparative essays based on the texts read and the themes that guide the course.

Sample PBATs: 
Using two of the novels we've read this semester, discuss the influence of "voice" on the structure and meaning of the novel. Consider the role of the narrator, the characters, as well as the author. You many choose any of the novels you'd like to work with. Be sure to support your analysis with evidence from the texts.