Da Vinci Art and Science

This course has students look at Leonardo da Vinci from the perspective of art and science. Students will take two classes; each cycle will focus on a different aspect of da Vinci’s life and work. The cycles will be divided into one of Leonardo’s four treatises with the exception of one cycle in the science course that will focus on the elements. The treatises are Anatomy, Painting, Mechanics/physics and Architecture.

The classes will meet together when projects and trips require the extra time. This course will be full of projects, experiments and trips to relevant places.

Goals and Objectives
To instill the love of learning and curiosity in each student through the life and work of Leonardo. To inspire the ability to wonder again.

To familiarize the students with the artwork of Da Vinci and his scientific discoveries and inventions as well as artwork of other notable artists and scientists of his time.

To learn techniques for looking at and evaluating works of art and architecture. Students will learn a visual vocabulary including art criticism techniques and the elements and principles of art.

Students will learn to make connections especially between art and science and the role of nature in both.

Students will use what they learn in creative and inventive ways. They will learn to express themselves in the arts and sciences.

Major Topics and Themes –
Leonardo’s life and times/ the Renaissance/ Anatomy
The Art/ paintings/ drawings/sculpture/ Leonardo and the elements
Mechanics/Physics – light /the machines and inventions/ the notebooks
Architecture Basics/ the art and science of building

The Way Things Work by David MacCauley
Leonardo’s Horse Inc.
Leonardo’s notebooks
The Unknown Leonardo
National Geographic, September 1977
Media Used: 
Slides, digital photos, smartboard
Plaster, brushes, pigments, eggs, pens and India ink, mirrors, paper, pencils, scratchboards, assorted building materials.
Significant Assignments: 

Drawings, paintings, notebooks

Drawing gadget anatomy

Bridge building

Significant Activities or Projects: 

Image recognition test

Use of elements, principles, and art criticism used in class discussions

Mechanics - group projects/ build a DaVinci machine or some other simple machine that works

Sample PBATs: 
The assignments and projects listed above may lead to a PBAT. The student chooses area of special interest to pursue.