Students in this class will review the basic principles of toxic risk and how they apply to setting water standards, determining environmental hazards and using bioassays to test the toxicity of different substances.

We will be performing weekly experiments, watching related movies, discussing ideas in class and presenting our results regularly. You must participate and take notes (when appropriate).

Each week we will be discussing specific readings on the topics below:
The Dose Makes the Poison
Area Tap Water Has Traces of Medicines
Ecological Risks
Using Bioassays for Environmental Research
Media Used: 
Various films directly related to the topics students will be researching.
Significant Assignments: 

Writing up lab reports and experiments.

Significant Activities or Projects: 

Students will design and conduct an original experiment on a topic of interest to them and related to the focus of this course. They will collect data, analyze the data, use Excel to communicate data and present it to the class as a PowerPoint presentation.

Sample PBATs: 
How toxic is the water we drink?
What impact does pollution have in the short/long term?