Advanced Math

Students will explore content focusing on: Reasoning, Numbers and Numeration, Operations, Modeling/Multiple Representation, Measurement, Uncertainty and Patterns/Functions.

Some of the major topics that are covered include: Geometric Proofs, Circles, Complex Numbers, Quadratics, Functions, Conic Sections, Transformations, Logarithms, Regressions, Trigonometry, Binomial Theory, Probability and Statistics.

Students will take responsibility for their learning by completing individual and group assignments, creating a study-journal of topics that includes sample diagrams/definitions/model problems, and completing enrichment assignments and related projects.

Pearson:// Elementary Statistics
Media Used:
Sample PBATs: 
"Texas Tech -vs- Oklahoma" A comparative statistical analysis that exhibits how data can be manipulated to convey a variety of messages.
"Plinko" Students design their own 'Plinko Board' then use Pascal's Theory to compare their empirical data against expected outcome data.
"Trigonometry in Aviation" Students test various scenarios in relation to Visual Flight Rules.
"Calculating the Magnitude of an Earthquake" Students measure Magnitude and other variables using scale developed by Charles Richter.