Economics is geared towards helping students emerge from high school with an understanding of how the economic structures in place shape our nation and our world. It is also geared toward helping students to begin to identify and develop economic strategies that will help them to plan and manage their own economic blueprint. Furthermore, by engaging in their own economic structuring they learn how their community, borough, city, state and national leaders allocate funds for various vital municipal functions which they enjoy. They recognize their economic rights and responsibilities as they develop as citizens.

Wide selection of current and relevant articles from The New York Times and other newspapers
Recent articles from various news magazines
Economics for Everybody, third edition
Economics Principles in Action
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Significant Assignments: 

Research paper investigating and evaluating differing points of view of the effects of the Recovery Act of 2009 on the economy.

Significant Activities or Projects: 

Interviews of people in the field concerning the effects of the economic downturn and effects and potential effects of the Recovery Act.

Construction, implementation, and analysis of surveys conducted on relevant economic questions.

PowerPoint presentation along with visual and audio to support findings of research paper.


Students researched all aspects of the Recovery Act of 2009, including funding sources, allocations, and arguments for and against the legislation. They then chose one part of the stimulus package to investigate in depth and the effects it would have on a specific industry of their choice. They evaluated whether the funds were appropriated correctly or if they were misappropriated. Their presented the findings of their research paper to a panel of teachers.

Sample PBATs: 
The Stimulus Package: Is This the Decline of the American Dream?