University Heights High School

Dr. Brenda Bravo
2155 University Avenue
718 289 5300

University Heights High School is a New York City Department of Education (DOE) school and a member of the newly established New York City Empowerment Zone. University Heights High School has selected to be part of a group of schools which have been given greater autonomy in school-based decisions. Moreover, we are involved in a collaborative with the City University of New York (CUNY), located on the campus of Bronx Community College. Most classes are held in Nichols Hall on the Bronx Community campus. The school has access to the College facilities including computer labs, gymnasium, and library. Since it opened in February 1987, University Heights has been a member of the Coalition of Essential Schools (CES), and it is a founding member of the Center for Collaborative Education (CCE). We are a part of the New York Performance Standards Consortium founded in 1997. Students are required to pass the ELA Regents and to complete 4 performance Assessment Tasks (PBATS) in English, Science, Math and Social Studies as their graduation requirements.

University Heights is a coeducational, college preparatory school enrolling approximately 450 students in grades 9 to 12. While the student body is multicultural, the majority of the population is either of Hispanic or African-American ethnicity. Students from throughout the five boroughs of New York City attend University Heights High School; however, most reside in the Bronx.

Our mission statement is simple. Our students will meet or exceed high learning standards at the secondary school level.

Our community of learners includes students, staff, parents, and university/community partners. Our focus encompasses the “whole person” as learner, and there is an insistence that we use our minds in order to develop intellectually, socially, physically, and ethically. We continually seek to refine and expand necessary academic/social skills, bodies of knowledge, values and habits of mind that we believe are essential to our becoming and being productive and well-educated individuals. Our goals are two fold: 1. to prepare students who demonstrate mastery of habits of learning for graduation; 2. to maximize the success of all members of our community.

We emphasize respect for oneself and for others, while understanding and appreciating that respect is a byproduct of achievement. We recognize that for students to attain high standards, they must be encouraged to take responsibility for their own actions/learning. Faculty and staff work alongside students, helping them to achieve high academic standards as well as helping them to achieve a greater understanding of their role as future leaders of our community.

University Heights is a school dedicated to traditional goals: sound academic performance/preparation for college and beyond in an informal setting that supports and respects the individual. Our aim is to produce confident, independent thinkers who excel beyond the norm and are unafraid to accept the challenges of functioning at the optimum levels of their abilities.

We seek to create a community where cooperation rather than competition between students is valued and where mutual trust between teacher and student plays a central role in shaping the learning experience. University Heights is committed to providing a setting where pressures for sameness are reduced and the entire community treats students’ individuality with respect and dignity. Through our teaching, we attempt to create classrooms in which the give and take of ideas and the honing of the work process enable students to thrive. In our classrooms, students are thoughtful, passionate learners, willing participants able to explore new areas of intellectual growth and to apply that learning beyond the classroom.

Higher Education

University Heights High School’s partnership with CUNY College Now engages students in higher education offering courses from 9th to 12 grades. Students have the opportunity to graduate with 15 college credits in various subject areas. College courses are demarked by ‘@’ sign on student transcripts.

Students who qualify may take honor courses in all major content areas beginning in tenth grade. Honors courses are demarked by an ‘H’ before or after the course code.

Approximately 90% pursue higher education

Class of 2009 College Acceptances
SUNY Alfred State College of Technology
CUNY Baruch College
CUNY Bronx Community College
SUNY Binghamton University
CUNY Borough of Manhattan
Bridgeport University
CUNY Brooklyn College
Cheney University of Pennsylvania
CUNY City College
Delaware State
Elmira College
Fordham University
Franklin and Marshall
Hampton University
Hartwick College
Hofstra University
CUNY Hostos College
CUNY Hunter College
Iona College
CUNY John Jay College
CUNY LaGuardia College
CUNY Lehman College
Manhattanville College
Mount Saint Vincent
Northeastern University
Pace University
Parsons The New School for Design
Saint Rose College
Suffolk University
Shaw University
Spelman College
Suffolk University
St. John’s University
Tuskegee University
Wheaton College
University of Bridgeport
University of New Haven

Class of 2009 Scholarships
Gates Millennium Scholarship
POSSE Scholarship
Bridgeport University Scholarship
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
Fordham University Merit Scholarship
CUNY Lehman College Scholarship
Parsons Merit Scholarship
Manhattanville University Presidential Scholarship
Tuskegee University Scholarship
Wheaton Trustee Scholarship