Active Chemistry

This is a course where students will discover a few of the many ways that Chemistry is involved in our daily lives. They will be introduced to the basics of Chemistry and have the chance to improve their laboratory skills. Major areas of investigation throughout this year-long course involve a study of elements and the subatomic particles that make them up, reactions, stoichiometry, thermochemistry, kinetics, acid/base chemistry, and an introduction to many cutting edge advances within the scientific community. At the end of the year students will have gained a base of knowledge in Chemistry as well as an opportunity to apply that knowledge through a self-designed extended laboratory experiment.

"Active Chemistry"
Various scientific research articles from newspapers and scientific journals
Significant Activities or Projects: 

Periodic Table game project allows the students to use the knowledge they have gained about the periodic table, its organization, and history to create a game that will explain aspects of the periodic table to others.

In the Cooking Chemistry projects students will write their own recipe and point out various places in that recipe where Chemistry is involved. Students will explain the process of producing the heat needed to cook their meal as well as the changes that are going on to their food as it is heated and cooked. Students will also focus on current research in the area to identify possible health benefits or risks associated with eating components of that meal.

Students will also complete a Rube Goldberg project where they will plan a Rube Goldberg apparatus. To successfully complete this project students will have to bring in their knowledge of molecules, bonding, balancing chemical equations, stoichiometry, and basic electronics.


Students will initiate an original science experiment, building on the topics covered in the course.

Sample PBATs: 
What is the best method to eliminate oral bacteria?
What areas in the classroom are the most germ ridden?
What is the effect of varying concentrations of acid rain on plant growth?
What type of pain reliever is dissolved quickest in the body?