College Algebra, Trig, & Statistics (with LaGuardia Community College)

Math 115 is College Algebra- Trigonometry. The course will start with a review of basic algebra (factoring, solving linear equations and equalities) then proceed to study polynomials, exponential, logarithmic and trigonometric functions. Students will use this mathematical modeling to improve critical thinking skills in inquiry based activies.

Math 120- Statistics
This course serves as a study of fundamental concepts and computational techniques of elementary statistics. Topics covered are central tendency, standard deviation, statistical graphs, binomial and normal distribution, confidence intervals, regression and correlation to name a few. Statistical software will be used to stimulate fundamental thereoms and hypothesis testing.

Please note these courses are part of the Project Quantum Leap program of Laguardia Community College. These courses are taught with a high school mathematics teacher as well as a college mathematics professor.

Energy Information Administration-
America's Climate Choices- http://dels.nas/edu/basc/climate-change/
Redefining Progress:
Medline Plus- US National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health-
Healthy People-
Center for Disease Control and Prevention-
World Health Organization- Report-
Media Used: 
Significant Assignments: 

The first part involves reading information related to CO2 emissions from transportation, followed by data on CO2 emissions by cars and transportation choices by country. Using the data, students will
analyze and make recommendations for environmental performance.-

Co2 Emmisions by Cars - By Sreedevi Ande- Department of Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science at Laguardia Collmunity College

Modeling Unemployment Rate Data- By Denise Carter- Department of Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science

This project is meant for e-portfolio.
Students use MAPLE to analyze the unemployment rates data for the months January through September

Sample PBATs: 
Project Quantum Leap--tasks change each year in response to the research conducted by students