Middle College High School at Laguardia Community College

Linda Siegmund
3110 Thomson Avenue, Long Island City, NY 11101

The mission of the Middle College High School at LaGuardia Community College is to serve students who have a need for a small personalized learning environment. The school offers hands-on learning experiences that lead to the next stages of students' academic, social and work lives. In addition to classes at the high school level, students also are placed in internships and college classes. The faculty and staff of Middle College High School are committed to providing classroom experiences that motivate and empower students to become involved in their own learning.

Principal’s Statement

The high school /college collaboration provides students with structures that enable them to succeed academically: performance-based assessments required for graduation; visible peer models in the college students; small classes; and high academic expectations, coupled with academic and social support systems. Middle College’s internship requirement provides students with work experiences that connect schooling with work, and develop self-motivation and a sense of purpose.

The goals of Middle College High School at LaGuardia are fourfold:

• To provide college and career experiences that provide students with the opportunity to reach their full potential;
• To reduce the high school drop-out rate by improving students academic performance;
• To provide students with high standards and college preparatory knowledge and skills using alternative curricula and methodologies;
• To improve students self-concept and academic success.

Academic Programs

• Middle College as an Early College provides all students the opportunity to earn a high school diploma and an Associate’s Degree at LaGuardia Community College in 5 years.
• Career Education, a requirement for graduation, includes personal career development combined with two out-of-school internships to help students envision their career goals.
• Performance-Based Assessment, culminating in a Graduation Portfolio with an oral defense provides students with the opportunity to assess their progress over time, make connections across their learning, and talk about their learning with adults from within and outside the school.

Extra-Curricular Activities

• Access to LaGuardia Community College clubs
• Interscholastic sports including baseball, basketball, soccer, handball, golf and volleyball
• Weekend outdoor adventure experiences

Parent/School Support

• PTA sponsored activities including college advisement and financial aid workshops as well as parent support meetings that assist parents in dealing with issues related to adolescents such as communication and stress management.
• Full-time college adviser assists seniors and juniors in the college application and transfer.
• School Leadership Team

Community Support

• Located on the campus LaGuardia Community College with full access for students and staff to all programs and facilities.
• Long-term relationships with over 350 NYC business and social service institutions as intern placements.
• Founding member of NY State Performance Standards Consortium.