(Topics Covered)
Uncertainty in Measurement
Accuracy and Precision
Significant Digits
Operations using significant digits
Scientific Notation
Density – for Solids and Liquids
Hands-on Activities
Density of Cylinders of Equal Volume
Density of Cylinders of Equal Mass
Density of Water
Mass versus Weight
Force and Weight
Motion: Distance, Velocity, and Acceleration
Pressure Applications
Comparing Pressures
Pressure Graphs
Water/Liquid Pressure
Air and Atmospheric Pressure
Buoyancy and Newton’s Law of Interaction
Newton’s Laws – First, Second, and Third
Scientific Method

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Hewitt, P. G. (1997). Conceptual physics: Third edition. Menlo Park, California: Addison-Wesley Publishing Company.
Significant Assignments: 

Experiments to investigate what happens weight of an object under water
Experiments to investigate weight of a floating object

For the above, students calculated the densities of various objects using valid measurements, made and analyzed graphs, and studied the relationships between different variables. They also did varied problems to apply what they had learned.

Students further investigated the relationship between mass, volume, and density through graphs. They calculated slopes and wrote linear equations.

Significant Activities or Projects: 

Experiments to test how hulls of different shapes move on water, relationship between mass and speed, relationship between mass and acceleration, relationship between force and speed, relationship between force and acceleration.

Sample PBATs: 
Design and construct boats to achieve certain purposes (e.g., speed boat, cruise ship, barge, fishing boat, canoe, etc.)
Design experiments to test if the boats achieve their purpose.