12th Grade Math Analysis

12th Grade Math Analysis Course Description

In this course, students study Pre-Calculus using the College Preparatory Mathematics program www.cpm.org This is an advanced, challenging course where we will explore mathematical ideas such as Problem Solving, Analysis of Models, Trigonometry, Advanced Functions, and Algebraic Fluency and Accuracy. Students will learn a variety of approaches to problem solve and use math in real life contexts.

CPM College Peparatory Mathematics
Significant Assignments: 

Polynomial Functions: How does this connect to linear and quadratic functions

Trigonometric Functions: How can we model this relationship (ie height over time, etc.) using a trigonometirc funciton?
How does the unit circle connect to the graph ofthe sine/cosine curve/
How are the trigonometric functions related to each other

Law of Sines/Cosines: How do you know which formula you should use?
How does this connect to right triangle trigonometry and trigonometric functions?

Probability: How can you use probability to predict outcomes?
How can you use probability to make policy decisions and analyze the world around you? Is that a fair situation/game? Why or why not?

Combinatorics: How many choices are there?

Statistics: How can you use statistics to advocate for social justice? What do these statistics tell you about the situation, is there a bias? How does statustics help you seek significvance in the study of mathematics? How can you use statistics to provide evidence and reinforce your argument?

Significant Activities or Projects: 

Using trigonometric functions analyze the height, distance and speed of amusement rides at Six Flags.

By analyzing Vanguard's data distribution determine if the data distribution is "normal"

Sample PBATs: 
Vanguard Six Flags: Trigonometric Functions
Skywalker: Law of Sines and Cosines
Your Game: Polynomial Functions, Probability, Combinations and Permutations
Is Vanguard Normal--Statistics Analysis