Chemistry II PBAT

This course will serve as a sequel to "Chemistry I". In this course, we will take an in-depth look at some of the topics covered in "Chemistry I" and some of the practical applications of the same. Students will carry out and design several investigations that will require them to utilize their critical thinking and analytic abilities. Topics will broadly include acid-base, redox, and organic chemistry. Students will be required to write a college-level lab report by the end of the course.

Chemistry: An Environmental Perspective
Glencoe Chemistry
Prentice Hall Chemistry
Chemistry in Society
The Extraordinary Chemistry of Ordinary Things
Media Used: 
Several clips taken from Discovery Education Streaming
Significant Assignments: 

For each lab conducted, the following assignments are given:

• Thoroughly conduct background research on a topic in commercial chemistry using at least two original sources.
• Develop a hypothesis for your research question that is grounded in the background research.
• Identify, describe and control all relevant variables in your experimental investigation.
• Thoughtfully evaluate the procedure and/or set up in your experimental investigation.
• Clearly describe bias in the your experimental design
• Collect data in a reliable and valid manner for your experimental design.
• Present relevant data that is consistent with your experimental problem.
• Generate appropriate tables, charts and graphs with data and makes appropriate calculations.
• Conduct mathematical and statistical analyses of the data for your experiment.
• Draw thoughtful conclusions that are supported by your data.
• Relate conclusion to original question.
• Thoroughly describe sources of error and their effects on your data.
• Propose effective and relevant revisions for your experimental plan to lessen the effects of bias and sources of error.
• Pose thoughtful and relevant questions for future research.

Significant Activities or Projects: 

Significant Activities or Projects

Design and conduct a controlled scientific investigation on various aspects (of your choice) of the following commercial products:
• Pain relievers
• Antacids
• Juices

(Each investigation runs for approximately one month.)


• Research and report on the chemical roles certain ingredients in your favorite juice play.
• Analyze the efficacy of active ingredients in an antacid brand of your choice.
• Describe how the body processes the various active ingredients found in Aspirin, Tylenol, and Advil.

Sample PBATs: 
What type of juice has the highest level of citric acid?
Which juice will be most suitable for heartburn patients?
Which antacid is most effective in relieving acid indigestion?
Which brand of aspirin is most effective in relieving pain with minimal side-effects?